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When not doing internet odd jobs and blogging, I mostly spend most of my waking life playing games. Right now, I’m hooked with Diablo 3 but there are times when I don’t want to play D3. Hey, I get bored when I just spent 6 hours farming Acts 2 and 3 without ever getting a good Legendary or Set item. To cool off, I go for a Free 2 Play (f2p) MMO, sure  there are tons MMOs out there with different stories and themes, but these are the ones I go play when I want to get out of the inferno farming and AH/RMAH playing monotonous gameplay…

I love fantasy games, RPGs anything with swords and armor anything medieval with those cool looking plate armors, chainmails and many more, anything with a cool story or lore. I usually spend hours just reading about the game story, once my mind is satisfied with the lore, I switch to gaming mode and I’ll be sitting in my office for hours just playing the game.

Lord of the Rings Online – set in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, who wouldn’t want to relive the adventures of Aragorn and Legolas. Of course everyone wanted to be Legolas, I’ve seen a couple of name variations for Legolas on WoW and most of the games that came out. As long the game has an elf race,that can be an archer, a hunter, or a ranger class name it Legolas. (haha)

Dungeons & Dragons Online – Based in on the tabletop D&D 3.5 rule set, Story is based in the city of Stormreach, where you can explore other areas, do quest and adventures, save the city from threats and gain fame. But I spent a good couple of hours just wandering around.

A refreshing change of gaming perspective especially when playing too much fantasy, medieval RPGs… a game that can be so addicting even though it has a simple theme, which is Street basketball …

Freestyle Street Basketball – street basketball without the sweat, play a quick pickup game online with a great soundtrack, customize your avatar with cool stuff. With cool moves, ankle breakers, impressive dunks. I had fun playing this game even though I don’t play basketball.

DC Universe Online – create your own hero or villain, with a unique look and combination of superpowers. Fight along side your favorite hero or villain especially Batman or the Joker. What’s not to love?

Special Force – named Soldier Front in the North American version and is known as SF, play as Delta Force, SAS, GIGN and more. The thing I love about this game is the ranking system in which you can rank up after a certain amount of experience points which is received after each match.

Wolf Team – An interesting FPS, where you are a Marine, but you can transform to a werewolf for that CQC-I-wanna-rip-your-face-action.

Entertaining Games other than the ones I’m playing.

I’m Looking for a good Samurai or Ninja MMO any suggestions?

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