About Facebook, Twitter and WordPress plugins

Testing Facebook Page Publish Plugin right now. Usually a breeze in setting up.

But if it’s done incorrectly can be a nightmare. It’s best when setting up plugins, adding site modifications to do it all at once. Setting up the WordPress plugin Facebook Page publish, something went wrong so I’m here trying to solve it.

But somehow I got all mixed up….

Facebook+Twitter+Wordpress=better take it easy.

…Trying to set my blog Let’s Go Play D3! to post to a Facebook Page (Let’s Go Play D3) that I’ve created (still not publishing the post so I don’t know if it’s working or not.)



   +   =  I GOT OWNED!

Everytime I post on my blog, it will appear on my Facebook Profile Wall and on my Twitter since it’s linked to my Twitter account @jaren,  also posts on my wall, I need to point it the correct path to post it directly to my facebook (created) page.

Checklist of things need to be done

  1. prepare lots of coffee
  2. check if the Facebook Page Publish plugin is working (I guess I have to wait for this)
  3. point Twitter to post to correct Facebook page
  4. wait, wait, think, take a bath….
  5. conjure up another cool post (but it’s a test post to see if it did work as I don’t want to get into the habit of deleting posts since it will appear on a couple sites.)
  6. drink coffee, more waiting

I got a headache. I need to rest for a bit.


Moral of the Story :

Don’t add plugins or modifications on your site/blog that whatever you think is cool. This step requires planning.


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    1. No problem, Thanks for dropping by, I enjoyed reading your post that’s why I added it. Hopefully to get ideas myself 🙂

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