Advertise like a wild man! : Ways to advertise your blog

Here are some ways to advertise / promote your blog. There’s more ways to promote your blog may it be online or offline, here are some that can get you started.

Brainstorming a bit, planning the advertising campaign, the correct articles on the right time is enough to get you readers, but if you want to grow and reach more readers you definitely need to advertise. There are still tons of ways to promote your blog. There’s a better ways but there’s also a Go Jaren! way TO ADVERTISE LIKE A WILD MAN!



Ping Services

Blog Directories

Social Media/ Social Networking sites

Social Bookmarking Sites


and of course the old, reliable “go visit my blog at blah, blah”

How do wild men advertise a blog?
They go call their friends up and tell them of the URL, comment on their friend’s facebook profiles with their blog address, go tell mom about the new blog. And most of all nothing can beat a well written article. A good content is the key, now go write something interesting!


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