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Earning Money :  the Gaming Solution – Blogging about Video Games

Gaming. PC games, video games, handhelds, console gaming, MMO’s. Why gaming to me is a motivation. It’s because, I enjoy gaming! It basically takes 1/2 of my day.

Memorable Games that I’ve played are Sid Meier’s Civilization, Doom (loved the movie Dwayne “the rock” Johnson really looks like “sarge” but somehow “reaper” was the good guy), X-Com : UFO Defense, Wolfenstein 3d, Test Drive, F-15 Strike Eagle, Prince of Persia, Dune 2, Fallout 2, Diablo, Theme Hospital, Pizza Tycoon, Warcraft, Battle Realms, X-Wing. With all these newer games coming out in the market, sometimes I want to go back to the good old days of PC gaming when it’s more of the story rather than the graphics.

I love playing X-Com the DOS-based program just the way I remembered it, a kid in the nineties playing it all night long(had to use DOSbox) and I totally enjoy it. On the PSP there’s Monster Hunter 2 : Freedom Unite, Fight Night Round 3, on the Xbox360 there’s Halo (ooh master chief!), Marvel Ultimate Alliance, The Elder Scrolls 4 : Oblivion, and on the PS2 there’s the Devil may Cry series, Resident Evil Series, Onimusha series and the list goes on…

Can you make money playing video games?

I can ramble on and on about videos games. But I wanna get paid to play video games! Not just MMO’s like World of Warcraft, Star Wars : The Old Republic.. but also the RPG’s like D3 even offline games (somehow this sounds like a game tester) but definitely worth it. I’m going to start blogging about it. It’s one of my motivations to to earn through blogging.

So WHY not? Sharing game tips and strategies, cheats, mods can be a good start. Basically start with the games you currently are playing, in the long run it will branch out to different games, genres. It will be stressful but stick to it. You’re doing something you love and getting compensated for it and for that’s all for the best.

The continuation of my previous post :  Earning Money : What’s my motivation?

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