Blogs and the blogging formula

Blogging maybe easy for some, hard for others to be able to blog effectively we have to learn the basics, the roots of blogs or weblogs. Let’s get started with a sweet formula for success.

The Blog Formula

Blogs have been popular these days and it’s even evolving to an intricate site where you can post articles, read about discussions from comments, even read related articles from sites linking to your blog.

With blog platforms, specialized in making it easy and efficient for bloggers to produce a great looking blog so that you can focus on making great content with embedded videos, audio. That’s fun to read and informative.

What is a blog?

As Wikipedia states :

A blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order.

Blogs in a simple way to put it are online diaries or weblogs that you put in experiences daily / regularly in a conversational way. A website that contains entries or posts that gets updated regularly and is arranged in chronological order for easy access, viewing and reading.

What is blogging?

An act of writing in a simple conversational way using simple words, stating facts and basing it on own experiences. Blogging and writing go hand-in-hand but the act of blogging is writing your story that benefits others (your readers). Blogging is not just writing, but you can also include audio, video, a slideshow of pictures, or embedded media. With the rise of the digital age, more and more blogs are evolving from it’s weblog days to a full blown media sensation that is colorful, conversational, a digital magazine where you can discuss to be heard, read, talked about, blogged about, linked to.

What to Blog about?

You can blog about anything and everything under the sun as long as you are confident enough; sometimes it is great if you’re blogging while you are still learning how to do it. But there are several factors on what to blog about.

  1. Hobbies – your hobbies can play a great role in the posts you create or blog about, it can range from the games you play to the food you cook, the things you like to do on your spare time.
  2. Expertise – you have a special skill you want your readers to know about, then it can be a great blog topic / post. You can be the Jedi master of blogging, SEO, or even be a Guru for web development and programming, Tech News and also be the Boss of the newest gadgets, gaming consoles, software, apps, and other stuff.
  3. Current news – news around the world can be a great task, so its best start with news that are appropriate to your readers demographics and location.
  4. Popular topics – oh yes, these topics are popular for a reason, even though it’s been a year or longer since it was first written or blogged about they never get old.

How to Blog?

A tip I got from a friend was write about it while you’re studying it. Good. That gave me another blog topic. I was documenting my Ruby programming journey but somehow haven’t gotten to posting them yet.

But blogging is like storytelling but at the same time it’s writing, it’s like writing for a newspaper, a journal, it’s conversational but you still have to research on those topics, interview persons related and even present solid facts and data.

Dedication and focus is the key, don’t stop at the first obstacle that’s thrown in front of you, Don’t stop if it’s not happening the way you planned it, if you’re trying to make money through blogging don’t stop if after a month you’re still not earning or not getting visitors. Don’t write about something you’re not interested in, write articles you WANT to read, and people wants to read. Make articles that are worth reading and linking to.

Don’t plagiarize! Learn how to link, quote properly. A Feedback is important may it be bad or good, will help your blog grow. But stay focused dedicated to what you are doing blogging, learn to adapt and improve but don’t change the way you blog just because a commenter says your post suck or they don’t get it.

The Right Blog format

  • When to use Bold or Italics – The right time to use bold or italics if you want to emphasize an idea, a word, and a phrase. Putting them in bold or italics can definitely make them standout and produce weight.
  • How about H1,H2,…H6 tags-Header tags are useful to emphasize a topic, title, a subtitle to beautify your posts to make it readable and easier to differentiate the body of the post to the topic, the title, and subtitle. Now let’s see this header tags in action to help differentiate the titles that can really explain in an easy manner. Basically, H1-H3 is generally acceptable; H1 is usually for your main title. H2-H3, for your subtitles, sub-topics.
  • <H1>Earth</H1>

  • <H2>Asia</H2>

  • <H3>Philippines</H3>

  • <H4>National Capital Region</H4>

  • <H5>Metro Manila</H5>
  • <H6>Pasig</H6>
  • The blog format  – Headline > introduction > subtopic > main post > another subtopic > post > conclusion.

Is blogging like writing?

A couple of years ago I wrote an article, I discussed that blogging IS writing we know that is a bit informal, and you can ramble about anything, It’s not as if you’re writing a literary novel or a term paper, but the format of writing and blogging in essence is still the same. We still follow writing rules, grammar, and use of tenses, verbs and such.


 Nice articles, great posts!

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