Civil Registry App in Microsoft Access – Finally!

Alright so it took  me longer than I expected. Of course I did encountered some bumps that basically made me stop developing it and sorts.

civil registry application
Developed in Microsoft Access 2007, A Civil Registry Application (data entry module)

Developing an app in MS Access may seem simple but without proper planning you may end up like me. Recreating the whole application from scratch.

First hurdle : the naming conventions, I got so mixed up with text1 and label99 that I had to restart the whole app and basically do what I’ve learned in school. It’s good to practice putting prefix for easy identification even on smaller projects, like putting txt for text boxes, lbl for labels, etc. Well, you get the idea.

Second Hurdle : 1 table for the whole project without any lookup tables. It’s clean doesn’t clutter much, easy to remember, but the problem is it takes a long time to load. It’s good at small projects but with a big project with a data entry, record viewer, reports, queries all accessing 1 table. it will soon grow big and will load up so slow. My Database loaded for 25mins total with 15,ooo plus entries.

Third Hurdle : Hubris. I thought that since this is MS Access it should be easy I can make that app in like 2 hours. I was wrong. Really wrong, I had to remake from scratch didn’t even make backups, no standardization, no naming conventions.. a shitload of mess.

Thank you for the Internet, I was able to make research on how to do this and that, like using dcount, dlookup, making queries and all that headache.

Thanks to a couple of sites, that been a good source of info, like Access World Forums,, oooh and I even tried and tested Opengate Software’s UI Builder for MS Access – you should try this too, It can save you a lot of time instead of focusing on the UI you can immerse yourself in the back end of your application.What I’ve learned. Access is easy to use, but without proper planning, naming conventions, flowcharts, db relationship, minimal VBA knowledge. You’ll easily get lost with the unbound textboxes, wizards, reports that makes no sense. and button that don’t do anything. You won’t go far you’ll only get confused.


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