Civil Registry App Project

Day 2

just stared at the data, I work with. Looked at it for a minute and then played Marvel Avengers Alliance the whole day, and clocked in as “research”

Day 3

After the naming convention, creating the tables to used on the project. Queries, reporting has to be made with the data such as :

by :
1. total population
total male
total female

total population ages 18-25
total male ages 18-25
total female ages 18-25

total population below 18
total male below 18
total female below 18

total population ages 26-40
total male ages 26-40
total female ages 26-40

total population ages 41-55
total male ages 41-55
total female ages 41-55

total population ages 56 above
total male ages 56 above
total female ages 56 above

2. house number
Street name

**user has an option to pick query by certain categories

**reporting via total pop (via certain criteria – gender, age)

**reporting via location of demographics


and a very useful source of information : Office Support  for playing with the data and automatically calculating the age when Date of Birth is entered. Since this is a working Civil Registry application, reporting has to also include :

household head > lot owner
household head > related (son/daughter)

no. of house hold (calculated by the household head – lot owner)

So that this can be used for collecting data, especially for voter registration, unemployment and other helpful data.

Continued from the previous post : Playing with Microsoft Access in A Civil Registry Application 

Had to read all about the Civil Registry Process as I clearly have no idea on the subject.

References : Good Reads and useful sources of Information

On WikiPedia –

Unicef –




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