Diablo 3 on Consoles?? Why??

Stopped playing Diablo 3, because I got really tired of running the same 4 maps everytime… even with new crafting recipes, new drops, nerfs and buffs to characters it’s still the same map that you have to go over and over again…

Now it’s going to the consoles??? WHY???? just give us an offline mode so we don’t get hassled by asfsd or goldasdasd that even though how many time you ignore or decline or even report will always be on your friends list invite…

Overpriced legendaries on AH, limited maps, this game just got boring…..

But it still generates the best comments ever…

best comment evar!


Sir, I salute you for the Best Comment EVAR!!, now why don’t you just listen to your hardcore gamers/fanboys/nerds/geeks and give us something we really need!


Diablo III

 +         Calculator = the best idea ever!!


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