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So I’ve told myself I would start blogging again but again laziness steps in and I said to myself, “Heck, plenty of time to blog… I need to chill out and play more…”, that’s when I got stuck playing Dungeon Hunter 4 on my Kindle Fire HD.

For an android game, graphic is intense, I love the look of the characters, choose between 4 classes, which can summarized into :  Melee-tank (Battlesworn) like a Barb or RetPala, Melee-DPS (Blademaster) monk/rogue-ish type, Ranged-DPS physical (Sentinel) Hunter/Demon Hunter type, and the Ranged-DPS (Warmage) a sort of Mage/Wiz/Lock/Priest mixed breed. With all these being said, It may be the usual dungeon crawler type games and you will spend most of your time upgrading and farming for gear, leveling your character, but it’s fun, fresh but still feels like the same game I’ve come to love and hate at the same time (e.g. D3) LOL!! At least I can bring it anywhere and hack-and-slash my way thru tons of mobs while waiting for the green light, or during coffee break times, I can sneak in a few farming rounds on Co-op with friends.


Gameloft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Developed by Gameloft, this hack and slash, action-RPG, in a fantasy setting keeps me entertained for hours. Now Check out a couple of Vids, about Dungeon Hunter 4 and Enjoy!

Need Help with Dungeon Hunter 4 – Check out the Wiki:  Dungeon Hunter 4 Wiki



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