Earning Money : What’s my motivation?

With all those bloggers, online publishers, online marketers out there earning through Google Adsense, Adwords, and other affiliate programs.

This is the question I started asking myself again. Am I blogging to earn money or am I blogging because I love to blog? Simple Answer I am blogging because I love to blog and earn money.

Now that I’m back from a 4 year blogging hiatus, I’m here to re-discover, re-learn how to monetize. Sure the blog scene hasn’t changed much but there are some other improvements in blog promotion, optimization and monetization.


But these thoughts still lingers in my head…

  1. How do I earn money from blogging?
  2. How will I fund my pizza cravings?
  3. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Where will I get the money to buy ice cream?


It’s not an instant “get rich quick scheme” I do know that it involves time, dedication, the right mindset and the proper motivation.

I’m unemployed, I was recently employed at different times, a Tech Support Advisor for a couple of ISPs in the US (Qwest DSL, AT&T Uverse) and in the UK (TalkTalk) although it was great.  I feel that something is missing, I’m not excited as I was before working in a BPO/Call Center setting. I want something more, something that will keep my interest and something that I love doing.

  1. Gaming – number 1 in my priority list is, of course gaming. Video games, handheld, portable, console, PC gaming you name it, I can lock myself up at home the whole day just playing and I won’t get bored.
  2. Writing/blogging -I love writing, as I also love to daydream, my love for writing started during my high school days, after school I write on the board the words, “I will not be late for class, I will not laugh so loud during exams”, you get the picture, then it got to the point where my teacher would hand me a piece of paper and just let me write what I want to do with my life.
  3. (forgotten love) coding -I’m a computer science graduate, My dad introduced me to computers when I was very young, the moment my fingers touch the keyboard ( I remember it was a gray Wang keyboard). I never stopped.

Based on those 3 things the answer IS simple. I’m going to blog about gaming, and going back to coding. game blogging+freelance coding+professional bumming+work at home is the best! I’m the master of myself. I’m my own boss. It’s success or failure depends solely on me.

  • write intelligent articles, blog interesting topics
  • research more and learn to write properly, avoid grammatical mistakes, proofread if necessary. don’t plagiarize.
  • advertise like a wild man, beg friends to check out your blog. put your url link on your email, Facebook and other social sites
  • SEO like there’s no tomorrow, use proper keywords, tags, meta-tags and such
  • monetize, Adsense placement, affiliate programs, text link ads…. there’s a lot.
  • socialize with a little link love on related blogs/site, commenting here and there.
  • WIN!

Before you know it. You’re earning! That’s just part 1 of the master plan.

I love drinking coffee.

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