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Got lots of links and want to shorten it? Then use and you can also earn money through the links you share and shorten.

So what is As we all know is a URL shortening service. If done correctly and with good traffic (and great content) you can greatly benefit from your readers browsing activity. With enough clicks you can generate enough income as what we all want, a way to make money online.

Here are some things that you can do to maximize profits and make money with

Facebook – Update your status and add a shortened link on Facebook or you can go to this Facebook Page, like and put your links, click on other links.

Note on Facebook : Facebook blocks your links. But Facebook is a good advertising tool so that your friends can see what you’re up to. I haven’t really tested it, but I can put my links on Facebook as you can see on my Profile page, from my experience if you put too much links on your Facebook page that’s when it gets messed up. So I just put 2-3 links which does not cover my entire page/timeline.

facebook and link

Twitter is also great for advertising your links, If you have a blog you can set it to tweet everytime you do a blog post as seen here in action.

twitter and

Since were on the topic of using Twitter, you can use Twitterfeed to automate your tweets on every blog post you write, once you have connected to your Twitter account.  When adding your links to Twitterfeed make sure you select “custom” so that you can add your API key ADFLY API KEY&uid=YOUR USER ID&

twitterfeed and

I recently encountered a problem with Twitterfeed as its posting two times on Twitter.  The solution is to go edit your feed, under Advanced Settings take a look at “Post Content” select “title only” or “description only”, rather than “title & description”.

Blogs are an essential tool on your arsenal with great content you can shorten your links and share them to you friends/readers. You can also use the Website Entry Script for easy shortening of links as explained here :

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var adfly_id = 2890144; — change this to your id
var adfly_advert = ‘int’;
var frequency_cap = 5;
var frequency_delay = 5;
var init_delay = 3;
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

You can also post pictures, tag them and on the “source” link add a link to adfly, you can use blogger or tumblr for this method.

Wait!, what about Youtube Never underestimate the power of videos and how many people would rather watch a video rather than read a blog. So You would want to make a video upload it on Youtube put an link on the description.

Your Email/Forum Signatures can also be used for your campaign, if you’re a troll or a really helpful forum poster you can use your popularity or notoriety to your campaign advantage.

More importantly. DON’T SPAM your links. Too much advertising can get you banned, ignored one way or the other.

Hope this Helps. GOOD LUCK!

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