Making Money Online is Hard

Making money off the internet is not easy at it seems. There are a lot of sites/people out there, telling us that it is very easy to make money off the internet.

1. Blogging

I heard people saying that making money blogging is very easy, “If you want easy money just make a blog, post an article put Google ads and get paid!” I try to explain to them that although it is the basic concept of earning through blogging, a lot of people I know tend to forget the real aspects of blogging and why you need to post articles, do research, post relevant information, SEO, Ad placement, blah,blahs, the kitchen sink, the works after that blogging doesn’t seem very easy at all. It’s more harder if you explain the details. What they don’t know or not aware is that you have to write articles that people want to read first, do research on the next post, and stick to the blog format, blog posting schedule and do it daily or weekly. Sure, it’s hard work but then again all jobs, require you to work hard if you want to reap big rewards later. Blogging is not a get-rich quick scheme, it’s a result of hardwork, dedication, perseverance and the love of sharing/giving information to those that need them.

There’s a couple of things that I always tell people if they want to pursue bloggging, they have to find their center, write what they love about and stick to it.

If you build it, they will come.(Kevin Costner and Field of Dreams springs to mind) True but there are still other thing you need to consider when monetizing your blog.

But making money is not a straightforward thing; nor is it easy. Hard work and patience are involved. You also need to work smartly and strategically.
Starting a blog just like that in a random niche, posting rehashed content or pointless content will never get you there.

The Truth about blogging is that everyone claims they know how to do it better, yes there are certain guidelines that you have to follow to be successful in blogging.

Yes, It’s all about hardwork not just copy and paste, you also have to think smart, strategize and not steal other people’s content and passing it as your own.

2. Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Referral Marketing, Site Monetization, Link Shortening Services

This is it! ways to make money of your blog, our most favorite topic but very hard to achieve. HOWS and WHYS start flying and racing in your mind. You can’t just make an article then put ads and expect to win big. No it’s about that. We missed the crucial part, relevant, original information/post. Well copy/pasted articles will get you nowhere fast, plus an imminent ban from ad sites like Google Adsense and Yahoo Publishers Network. There are tons of sites that offer blog monetization but they also have a criteria for accepting/rejecting your blog for monetization. Though most of these won’t get you millions quick with patience it should get you going. Nobody went rich overnight unless you basically stole the money. you can go either way part-time or full-time without proper motivation it won’t get you anywhere.

To name a few that can help you start in your blog monetization frenzy here’s my list :

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Youtube
  3. Chitika
  4. Amazon Associates

You can also register your blog and do some posts, advertise other sites on your blog – rent your blog space for ads

  1. Payperpost
  2. Blogsvertise
  3. Payu2blog

Refer others so you can benefit from them too! like

  1. Paypalback then there was also a refer-a-friend for Paypal
  2. Xoom’s Refer a Friend which both of you can earn $15 eGiftCard, if they sign up. 🙂

PTC (paid to click) sites, Typing, Data-Entry, Work From Home, Translation services

There a lot of sites that promise you can make up to $100 even $500, but you also have to double check the credibility of these sites. Most sites are scams, most of them ask you to refer others so you can “cash in” your earnings. Some ask you to “buy” referrals so you can earn more. I tried some of these PTC sites and even checked out some of the typing jobs (or like some captcha typing jobs) with PTC sites being free, and you just have to stay on a certain page ofr like 10-15 secs and you get $0.001- 0.0001 cent per ad, unless you can browse them for 5-6 hours a day it won’t make much difference you spend more with electricity / internet connection than you earn. Not a valid option for living off the internet. But if you think of it, Making money with PTC sites may get you a couple of additional bucks, but don’t bet on it to supplement your income.

 Some Articles I’ve read and found interesting

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