Playing with Microsoft Access in A Civil Registry Application approach

I recently got a gig for developing an application in Microsoft Access. I said to myself this is going to be easy. I was wrong, need to think this through with coffee and Katy Perry.

Day 1

A Civil Registry application to be developed in 2 weeks time for beta testing. It would incorporate the Excel spreadsheets that the clients use. As with working with the clients data, I would definitely need to work on naming conventions to standardize the data on the spreadsheets that was given to me.

Microsoft Office Access 2007
Microsoft Office Access 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Working with a list of Voter’s Information on an Excel spreadsheet. First issue I encountered : Street names are not standardized, as the data was added by multiple persons and since the Excel spreadsheet would allow almost anyone to enter any data as he/she interprets it on looking on the form that was given to them to input on the system. The result is a large volume of data full of inconsistencies and headaches.

Solution :

Make tables for contact details, voters info and other juicy information.

Contact Detail Form

ContactID – PK for other tables I will add sometime if I get super heroic.
> last name / first name / middle name **added three separate fields, from 1 field – name
> house number/street / barangay – **added three separate fields, from 1 field – address
> tenure – owned / rented / living free (dropdown) **added new field
> sex (dropdown) **renamed to Gender
> birthdate **renamed to Date Of Birth
> Place Of Birth **added new field
> age (calculated by DOB) **will add code
> marital status – single / married / with a live-in partner / separated / widowed / divorced  **added new field (dropdown)
> Citizenship **added new field


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