Real Steel WRB

After my recent gaming addiction with Dungeon Hunter 4, I managed to get them at least to level 30 for the 4 of characters that I got all with dragolith armor and weapon. I stumbled upon this game. Real Steel WRB, who wouldn’t want to play with robots locked in combat, a fight to the finish. robots, boxing, and the best part it’s free! Thank You, Reliance Games!

This game made me want to watch Real Steel again as I couldn’t remember some of the bots that Atom fought. I remember Ambush (controlled by Charlie) got destroyed by a bull, Midas destroyed Noisy Boy during the Underground Fight , Atom fought Metro in the Zoo then Twin Cities And Zeus in the WRB.

Now Game is short, cutscenes are repetitive, no special combos during the fight but you can chain your button-mashing talents to make your own combo. What really sucked is that you have to wait more to recharge your Energy core, since playing on a Kindle Fire, I’m having problems connecting Real Steel WRB to Facebook so I can restore my energy and save my progress. (Dudes at Reliance please fix that!) Plus It would have been fun if it had voice commands like Noisy Boy’s, but nevertheless this game is simple but addicting. I couldn’t stop playing. Now Here’s a couple of videos to watch. Enjoy!

Real Steel WRB trailer

Zeus Vs Atom ( the last moments of the Fight ) Atom in Shadow mode.


Oh Here’s Real Steel WRB on Google Play and on the Amazon AppStore

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