The reason I stopped playing D3

I stopped playing D3 for a while as I got suddenly bored with repetitive item/legendary farming and Paragon leveling, doing key runs, ubers. Doing Alkaizer runs for a couple of hours gets boring, That’s also the reason why I stopped posting updates on my D3 blog. Although I am still waiting for the next patch, but I doubt that I will continue play hardcore.

I was able to get a hold of an old hard disk filled with treasures. Gaming Treasures that is. Spent most of my time reliving my childhood, like playing Fallout 2, Civilization, X-Com, and one of the hardest games I played and still can’t finish, Conquest of Camelot : Search for the Grail.

The first Civilization by Sid Meier, one of the most intense stimulating games I’ve played when I was a kid, got me interested in history because of the information on the game itself. If you watch the Civilization Intro closely you would see that Civ4 based its intro on the original Civilization.


X-Com : Enemy Unknown Or X-Com UFO Defense, when this came out, I got it a month after, bought magazine reviews about it, and basically got magazine clippings and put it on my notebooks as a cover. Game of the year back in the 90’s, a squad-based, turn-based strategy game that kept me awake the whole night.

And still one of the hardest games I’ve played, Conquest of Camelot : Search for the Grail.


Replayability of these games is better than farming the same act in D3 for a couple of hours a day.





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