To Blog or Not to Blog

Almost all of us has experienced it sometime in our blog life… and it’s called writer’s block. Maybe the reason why we experience it is that we may taking on projects/topics are too distant from us. On the previous post, What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Blog About I gave you tips on how to recover from it and give you a revitalized blog energy and once you get your groove back from your writer’s block. You have to start planning ahead time so blog can be enjoyable. Heck, it’s better than procrastinating.

Blogging comes naturally to some people but for others blogging is developed, practiced until it comes naturally. The secret is to write what comes to your mind worry about the details later (i.e proofreading, idea, grammar checks). Writing / blogging can be a perfect tool it can be in a form of stress release or even the source of income. Blog on topics you are most comfortable with, have knowledge, and a topic that interest you. Basically blogging is also a useful tool for learning, WHY? because not only will you do a research on the topic like gathering info, facts to support your claim. You also have to be aware of the trends and the changes, you also have to be one step ahead of what you and readers would like to see and read.

You can start a tech blog , if you are in to the latest tech news, gadgets and stuff you can browse through some of the top tech sites. You can be tech blogger but yeah you have to work very hard to be in the level that Techcrunch, Engadget and Gizmodo is but it’s a start. There are many competition for tech blogs but it’s a shot. Everyone has a chance and every blog can be famous you just have to bring something informative, refreshing, and entertaining to your blog menu. Pinoy Tech Blog this has been around for quite sometime and personally enjoy reading the articles on this site.

Be a game blogger – this can be easy or hard depending on the game platform you choose and how you can separate gaming time from blog time is all up to you, as a gamer I would like informative blog posts about game I love to play like making guides and tutorials on several different media. I want to try video blogs as there are couple of sites where you can post your videos on Youtube and  Here are some sites which I frequent and they are, WiredKotaku, Joystiq,and Destructoid.

You can blog on how to be a better blogger or how to monetize your blog, and blog optimization, blogging tips. Sure there still lots of fresh ideas out there waiting to be harnessed. So are you blogging as a hobby or want to blog to earn money. You can blog on anything as long as you have the determination to continue on.


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