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Video Games, Video Blogging : Trying Out Something New.

I’m trying something new to me which is recording while I’m playing my games.  I have been checking out some video capture softwares and so far I like Bandicam and EZvid.

And I have recorded a short run on D3 Act 3- MP1 (a sort of alkaizer run) on my WD.

More runs coming soon…  Check out my Youtube link

I think I will record my other games like Fallout 2, Civilization 4, DC Online Universe and so on.


Video GamesVideo Blogging : Trying Out Something New. what’s next? video live stream. yeah!


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  2. Hi Jaren Cudilla,
    On a similar note,, I’ve noticed that certain people and blogs get video games early for free from various video game publishers. I would like to make a blog to review games. But what do I do in order to get games early from someone like Microsoft, Nintendo, or EA? Is there a place you register at?

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