Ways to Make Money Playing MMO Games

I am a gamer, I love gaming and these are some questions that always crossed my mind.

How can I make my gaming time productive? How can I earn by playing video games?

I’ve tried a couple of ways to earn money and continually playing video games, ­­ most of them takes a great deal out of your precious gaming time to be effectively gaming for money. But if making money is your first priority these options can be worth your while.

There are tons of ways to make money through playing. We got a couple of gaming celebrities, “pro gamers” that are sponsored by companies to play the game they like and love. But you have to be good at the game not just know the game, but you have to eat,drink, think and sleep with the game in mind.

  • Make Videos

Make Guides, tutorials, How-Tos, Class specific builds & specs, Game Commentaries on the games you love to play.

There are a couple of sites and applications that lets you record videos while you’re playing. There’s Fraps, Camtasia, MSI Afterburner, Bandicam and Xfire. Sure there’s a lot more video capture software out there but this can get you started.

Write a post for a Guide, tutorial, How-To, Class specific builds & specs and Fan-fictions based on your favorite character and/or NPC.

Now this is what I have been doing for quite some time. Although I’m not basically gaming hardcore and doing my best to share my experiences/a little bit of gaming knowledge through my blog and I occasionally give tips and tricks. OH! I think I need to venture into the video making business soon as I may need to do a MMO gaming video tutorial soon.

  •  Gold, Item Farming

Grind tons of mobs, run countless dungeons, and raid instances for gold and items. With tons of MMOs out there that focus on leveling and gear for progression, a trend has risen to be efficient in making money from games.

I got a couple of Gold Sellers here for various MMOs.

I don’t buy gold from them but I think the idea is awesome of selling gold from various MMO’s. The Idea is make your way of selling your wares. May it be through friends, and find a site the can let you post your items/gold up for sale and get profit out of it.

  • Account Selling

If you know the game and is seriously thinking of making serious income out of your gaming. You can sell your account to other gamers that don’t have time to grind levels, faction reputation and/or farm mobs, leveling/gearing and such. You can sell the whole account. Some games account sharing/trading is considered a bannable offense. But I see a couple of game accounts on the web that are on sale (a quick Google search helps)  along with 5-8 characters, with prices ranging for $250-$1000, the more badass your character’s gear/reputation/achievement is the better the price.

  • Power-Leveling

The secret of leveling fast reaching the top levels quickly. Strategies, tips and tricks can be shared to others for a price. And you can also power level their characters which bring us to:

  • Power Leveling Services

Maximize your characters leveling/gearing time with Power leveling services. Some people do spend most of their waking lives playing games and some spend most of their time leveling characters that are not their own.

There are a couple of affiliate programs that can help game bloggers/ publishers get the most of their gaming experience and also help drive more subscribers to the game.


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