What to do when You don’t know what to blog about

You’ve been blogging for quite some time now and you’re on your way to getting your millions, (or your first check from Google), but there comes a time when you don’t know what to blog/write about. Call it writer’s block, most of us has experienced it at one point and it can be very frustrating when that starts as the ideas/words seem to escape you.

Here are some thing to do that can help:

1. Do a search: Yes, make use of the search engines available to you. Do a Google, Yahoo, Bing (or whatever you prefer) search, also you can check the trending for the hot topics and hot searches for the day via Google Trends. And maybe while you’re at it, do a blog search and browse through a couple of blogs and scour the internet for blogs or other websites for bits of information.

You can check out  social bookmarking sites, for starters you can check Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, BuzzFeed, Delicious, Digg, FARK, and Slashdot. But I’m sure you have more than what I’ve listed here.

2. RSS feeds:  Check the RSS feeds that you’ve subscribe to. That should give you some ideas on your next blog post. See what other people are writing/blogging about.

3. Check Emails: Your Inbox holds some treasure that can be a start of a great idea or posts, emails from friends, family, co-workers are filled with interesting topics that can be integrated nicely to next hit post.

4. Read a book: Of course, reading and writing go hand in hand, you can study the book that you’re reading. Why is it interesting?, how did it hold your attention while you are reading it? You can learn a lot and gain more ideas while reading a book. So to be a good writer you also have to be a good reader.

5. Watch TV: May it be news, current events, movies this can relax your mind and thus enables you to get proper motivation to write.

6. Get out of the house and see the sights: I usually get stumped and don’t know what to do, so I get my keys and head out anywhere, where there are lots of things to do, people to see. This helps me clear my mind, and it may lead to a wild night with friends or a cool road trip!

7. Chill out!: Relax, take it easy, maybe the reason you’re having a hard time figuring out what to write about is because your burned out. Play a game, take a nap, with enough rest and relaxation that should clear your mind from the stress.


You can also :
List your ideas: make a list of ideas that pops in your head, I usually get ideas for my next blog post while I’m driving as it’s the time I have for myself, I have a recorder handy.
Take notes: take a small notebook with when you go out usually ideas come from unexpected places. A simple idea can lead to your next hit post so best be ready when that time comes.

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