White Fang By Jack London

white fang

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I recently found a book on bookstore, while doing my usual browsing of anything cheap I can buy, I manage to chance on book about a Wolf-Dog named White Fang. I don’t know why this was in the Science Fiction section. But I was curious as I love dogs and basically haven’t read a book about dogs.

The book White Fang written By Jack London, a story of hardships and survival of a wolf-dog named White Fang 1/4 dog and 3/4 wolf, born into the wild from his parents Kiche and One Eye. Learning the way of the wild to kill or be killed. Join White Fang’s adventure from being a naive but aggressive pup, to a vicious killing machine. Having felt no kindness for most of his life, with Masters like Gray Beaver and Beauty Smith whom at White Fang’s point of view are gods and has to be respect but not loved. That is until he met a new god, Weedon Scott who taught him kindness and love.

This is an example of a very good book, a book that can be entertaining and fascinating it kept my eyes glued to it.

Now If only the movie White Fang was good as this book even though it’s an Ethan Hawke movie, some of the characters are there like Beauty Smith and Gray Beaver but where was Weedon Scott? And why didn’t the story finish in California with White Fang’s Collie mate and his puppies? ( I would love to see that, Too bad it’s not in the movie).






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