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Got lots of links and want to shorten it? Then use and you can also earn money through the links you share and shorten.

So what is As we all know is a URL shortening service. If done correctly and with good traffic (and great content) you can greatly benefit from your readers browsing activity. With enough clicks you can generate enough income as what we all want, a way to make money online.

Here are some things that you can do to maximize profits and make money with

Facebook – Update your status and add a shortened link on Facebook or you can go to this Facebook Page, like and put your links, click on other links.

Note on Facebook : Facebook blocks your links. But Facebook is a good advertising tool so that your friends can see what you’re up to. I haven’t really tested it, but I can put my links on Facebook as you can see on my Profile page, from my experience if you put too much links on your Facebook page that’s when it gets messed up. So I just put 2-3 links which does not cover my entire page/timeline.

facebook and link

Twitter is also great for advertising your links, If you have a blog you can set it to tweet everytime you do a blog post as seen here in action.

twitter and

Since were on the topic of using Twitter, you can use Twitterfeed to automate your tweets on every blog post you write, once you have connected to your Twitter account.  When adding your links to Twitterfeed make sure you select “custom” so that you can add your API key ADFLY API KEY&uid=YOUR USER ID&

twitterfeed and

I recently encountered a problem with Twitterfeed as its posting two times on Twitter.  The solution is to go edit your feed, under Advanced Settings take a look at “Post Content” select “title only” or “description only”, rather than “title & description”.

Blogs are an essential tool on your arsenal with great content you can shorten your links and share them to you friends/readers. You can also use the Website Entry Script for easy shortening of links as explained here :

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var adfly_id = 2890144; — change this to your id
var adfly_advert = ‘int’;
var frequency_cap = 5;
var frequency_delay = 5;
var init_delay = 3;
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

You can also post pictures, tag them and on the “source” link add a link to adfly, you can use blogger or tumblr for this method.

Wait!, what about Youtube Never underestimate the power of videos and how many people would rather watch a video rather than read a blog. So You would want to make a video upload it on Youtube put an link on the description.

Your Email/Forum Signatures can also be used for your campaign, if you’re a troll or a really helpful forum poster you can use your popularity or notoriety to your campaign advantage.

More importantly. DON’T SPAM your links. Too much advertising can get you banned, ignored one way or the other.

Hope this Helps. GOOD LUCK!

Other ways to Make Money Online

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Video Games, Video Blog

Video Games, Video Blogging : Trying Out Something New.

I’m trying something new to me which is recording while I’m playing my games.  I have been checking out some video capture softwares and so far I like Bandicam and EZvid.

And I have recorded a short run on D3 Act 3- MP1 (a sort of alkaizer run) on my WD.

More runs coming soon…  Check out my Youtube link

I think I will record my other games like Fallout 2, Civilization 4, DC Online Universe and so on.


Video GamesVideo Blogging : Trying Out Something New. what’s next? video live stream. yeah!


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been busy these past few days.

I’ve been pretty busy these past few days, with Christmas and New Year celebrations. I’ve been cooking, doing laundry, cleaning the house, setting up Christmas decorations. attended the New Year’s Eve Celebration at Eastwood. (pics later) and overall had a blast. Tired and fatter, from the celebrations parties I’ve attended. Now I’m back for a new round of blogging for the year 2013.

Got a pet duck for Christmas and Amber (Janis’ black lab) was so excited she thought it was her toy, I told her it’s my pet and it’s her sister.

Here’s a video of Deedee my pet duck swimming with my rubber duckies with Amber snooping in for a smell of Deedee.


Happy New Year! Go Jaren! wishes everyone a blessed 2013.


Deedee and Legolas




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Earning with PTC sites : The Verdict


I’ve done some PTC experiments for the past couple of weeks, I did get earnings from these PTC sites that I’ve mentioned but not as much that I can make a living out of it. From the posts I did with Make Money Online With PTC Sites and Earning with PTC sites : The Experimentand with a couple of referrals per PTC site and browsing a couple of hours a day, excluding tasks. I’ve come to realize that though they are free to join/register/signup, you still have to invest if you want to have a decent income. Active referrals, direct or rented are the key to breaking even or even earning big as the ads cost only 0.001 which at average have like 8-10 ads per site which is not that much. You do get earnings from your referral clicks the more referrals the merrier and you still have to click ads for yourself so as to earn too.  Aside from active referrals (rented or direct), you also need to do task/offers such as signups with referral links of other members advertising their other PTC ref links.

As a standard/free member for these PTC sites, I was tempted to invest to become a golden/premium/paid member to likely double my earnings, get commissions from my referrals and even earn more from my referrals per click they make. But I opted against it and stick to a free membership status, and see if I can get lucky and earn on the side. No matter how many hours you spend clicking ads it won’t earn that much without the necessary components such as doing tasks, promoting your ref links hardcore, investing to be a paid/premium member.  Think before you invest, Is it worth it or not. I’m still not convinced but I may consider it, but for now I’ll stick to my free memberships.

The only impressive thing that I’ve had with this whole PTC experiment is that an increase in my blog traffic since I have been posting news about my PTC site experiment. I noticed that with EasyHits4U I added my Blog URL to my profile and that does help increase my traffic. Though other PTC sites would allow advertisement of your Blog URL but if it has Google Adsense (which this blog has) may get suspended.

I did made a lot of research especially on scam PTC sites and make it a point to check PTC-Investigations before signing up, and I also did some research on how to get referrals, strategies, how-to’s and other FAQs like how to make money with PTC sites, earn money online with PTC sites, maximize profit with PTC sites.


Well I’m still doing my PTC experiment and If you want to share your experiences/comments/suggestions. Comment Below I would love to hear your say on the topic.

In the meantime you may want to register under me 🙂 Here are my links:

Merry Christmas!
Next post would be How I earned through and Twitter. Making use of’s URL shortening service and Twitter referrals since twitter is also my main source of traffic aside from my organic searches and such. and Maybe even how to make money off Paypal even from Xoom, Or probably sell off my Diablo 3 Legendary items.
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Earning with PTC Sites : the Experiment

In continuation of my recent post on Making Money Online with PTC sites, where I decided to experiment on possibly earning through PTC sites. I have been going on a week now, doing my clicking for about 20-30 mins each site. I haven’t earned enough to receive a cashout but so far it does look promising. On the first few days, ads are really few and I get about 5-10 ads so the time I spent on the site is not worth the money I earn, but I started getting referrals, and on the 2nd and 3rd day, I began doing offers and getting more ads. I even installed toolbars on some PTC sites that offer them so I can immediately click on the ad as it appear so it can be credited to my account. I am still positive that this will turn out great. It may not be a get rich quick scheme, but it’s better than just staring at the monitor and randomly browsing a blog or website.

I joined a couple more PTC (Paid to Click) sites to add to my list and these are

To add to my growing list of PTC sites, and removed a site from which I’ve read from PTC-Investigation and from other sites/forum’s reviews.
From what I’ve learned from these PTC sites, that referrals are the key to increasing your earnings and doing tasks/offers since clicking on ads won’t gain much profit. Another thing is if you upgrade your subscription to premium or a next level from a standard/free user you get more benefits, commissions from referral signups, more ads, lower cashout, and higher payout per ads.
Although I am considering upgrading my membership, but not yet. I still want to see if it is really profitable before I invest on it. I want to increase my referrals first. Currently I have 2-3 referrals for each and I want to get more. WANT TO HELP ME in my experiment? DO sign up on my links and try for yourselves, It maybe a great source of income.
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WordPress 3.5 is out! Should we Update?


English: WordPress Logo
English: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WordPress 3.5 is out! Should we Update or not? Well Definitely yes. For Self-hosted WordPress users prepare for an update as WordPress 3.5 dubbed “Elvin” in honor of drummer Elvin Jones is now available for download.

With a lot of enhancements and features it’s sure to bring smile on your blogging game-face.  As there are more goodies in store for Bloggers and Developers alike.  For A detailed Explanation check out the Changelog.

With Changes to the main page, the dashboard, links manager even the new Media manager, and oh before I forget a new default Theme Twenty-Twelve which is Responsive (YEY!).

I haven’t updated yet, so not much to explain about the features. I just read the changelog and yes it does look promising, I am still waiting for the weekend where I can have a lot of time to focus on this blog. I WILL UPDATE SOON!


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Make Money Online with PTC sites

Here are some PTC sites that I’ve been trying out for sometime and in this experiment, I want to see if I can earn via these sites. I spend around 15 mins per site. See how much I can earn for a week and IF I can cashout in a week too. These sites that I selected are mostly sites that have Paypal payouts, as I don’t want to register at Payza, Liberty Reserve, etc.
Like most PTC sites, the purpose is to click on the ads, stay for a period of time, browse more ads until you run out, then go on with your life and try again the next day. Now I would not advise this, if this is going to be your main source of income, but if you would like to earn a few bucks on your  spare time then it may be worth looking into.
  • Neobux – $0.02 per click $2 min payout
  • Incentria – $0.005 per click $1 min payout
  • Buxp – $0.011 Per Click $7.99 Min. Payout
  • Clicksia – $0.005 per click $1 min payout
  • Probux – $0.01 per click $5 min payout
  • Wordlinx – $0.01 per click $10 min payout
  • Cosmicbux – $0.01 per click $3 min payout
  • Clixsense – $0.02 per click $6 min payout
  • Richptc – now this is a mystery and weird. Why? When you click on an ad you can make a max of $10 for 25 secs. Yes $10, but before you can cashout you need to have 10 active referrals. Sounds to good to be true, but we’ll see.
  • OnlinejobsFree – this is not a PTC site. I just added it for the heck of it.
Now since I mostly do this on my free as I spend most of my waking hours in front of the computer and browsing the internet. It’s a win-win scenario for me! If you want to help me out with my PTC experiment please do click on the links and try it out for yourselves and we can discuss experiences/reactions on the sites.
Now with making money online, it’s a good practice to always have a backup plan when an experiment or venture turns non productive. That’s why I still maintain a blog like my D3 blog,  nothing beats the good ‘ol blogging. You may want to read about Blogs and the Blogging Formula, SEO Friendly Articles.
If you’re stumped and don’t know what to blog about you can check this out! And if you’re unsure if blogging is right for you then go here. For the proper motivation, this can start the ideas flowing and get you thinking, blogging about games, being one with your thoughts, and when looking for your motivation.

Another thing, – a service that allows you to earn money from each visitor clicks to your shortened links. 🙂 That’s why most of the links here goes through, so don’t worry it’s part of my experiment.

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White Fang By Jack London

white fang
white fang (Photo credit: john yaya)

I recently found a book on bookstore, while doing my usual browsing of anything cheap I can buy, I manage to chance on book about a Wolf-Dog named White Fang. I don’t know why this was in the Science Fiction section. But I was curious as I love dogs and basically haven’t read a book about dogs.

The book White Fang written By Jack London, a story of hardships and survival of a wolf-dog named White Fang 1/4 dog and 3/4 wolf, born into the wild from his parents Kiche and One Eye. Learning the way of the wild to kill or be killed. Join White Fang’s adventure from being a naive but aggressive pup, to a vicious killing machine. Having felt no kindness for most of his life, with Masters like Gray Beaver and Beauty Smith whom at White Fang’s point of view are gods and has to be respect but not loved. That is until he met a new god, Weedon Scott who taught him kindness and love.

This is an example of a very good book, a book that can be entertaining and fascinating it kept my eyes glued to it.

Now If only the movie White Fang was good as this book even though it’s an Ethan Hawke movie, some of the characters are there like Beauty Smith and Gray Beaver but where was Weedon Scott? And why didn’t the story finish in California with White Fang’s Collie mate and his puppies? ( I would love to see that, Too bad it’s not in the movie).






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5 Games You Can Waste Time On

Here are 5 games you can definitely waste your time on. If your stressed out from work or want to take a quick breather while on break from work. Try these games out, I’m sure it will clear out the blog funk you’re currently on. I’m sure mine did!

Homerun in Berzerk Land : Berzerk Ball


Hit the geek as hard and as long as you can! The higher and longer the better! have fun smashing the geek with power smashes!!

Into Space 2


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist for this. Modify your rocket to reach space! Make sure to keep away from that dark cloud, and upgrade your gather mode early in the game so you can upgrade your rocket faster with more better equipments for a higher, faster, and sturdy rocket to reach space!

Learn to Fly 2


Be the mastermind and create your own flying penguin of destruction, through your runs of trial and error you can upgrade your dummy penguin and take that snowman down!


Infectonator 2


Create your own zombie apocalypse! Create your own virus and unleash on the world and create your own zombie apocalypse. As the game progresses you will have goals to infect certain areas, upgrade your virus, make use of support items like grenades and mines, and unleash your own zombie army and infect cities and countries and have fun while your at it!


Burrito Bison Revenge


Burrito Bison’s Wallet got stolen and you need to help him get it back time for more gummy squashing action! With special gummy bears, more wrestling in the ring, more doors to shatter, more powers to upgrade, more money to steal.

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To Blog or Not to Blog

Almost all of us has experienced it sometime in our blog life… and it’s called writer’s block. Maybe the reason why we experience it is that we may taking on projects/topics are too distant from us. On the previous post, What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Blog About I gave you tips on how to recover from it and give you a revitalized blog energy and once you get your groove back from your writer’s block. You have to start planning ahead time so blog can be enjoyable. Heck, it’s better than procrastinating.

Blogging comes naturally to some people but for others blogging is developed, practiced until it comes naturally. The secret is to write what comes to your mind worry about the details later (i.e proofreading, idea, grammar checks). Writing / blogging can be a perfect tool it can be in a form of stress release or even the source of income. Blog on topics you are most comfortable with, have knowledge, and a topic that interest you. Basically blogging is also a useful tool for learning, WHY? because not only will you do a research on the topic like gathering info, facts to support your claim. You also have to be aware of the trends and the changes, you also have to be one step ahead of what you and readers would like to see and read.

You can start a tech blog , if you are in to the latest tech news, gadgets and stuff you can browse through some of the top tech sites. You can be tech blogger but yeah you have to work very hard to be in the level that Techcrunch, Engadget and Gizmodo is but it’s a start. There are many competition for tech blogs but it’s a shot. Everyone has a chance and every blog can be famous you just have to bring something informative, refreshing, and entertaining to your blog menu. Pinoy Tech Blog this has been around for quite sometime and personally enjoy reading the articles on this site.

Be a game blogger – this can be easy or hard depending on the game platform you choose and how you can separate gaming time from blog time is all up to you, as a gamer I would like informative blog posts about game I love to play like making guides and tutorials on several different media. I want to try video blogs as there are couple of sites where you can post your videos on Youtube and  Here are some sites which I frequent and they are, WiredKotaku, Joystiq,and Destructoid.

You can blog on how to be a better blogger or how to monetize your blog, and blog optimization, blogging tips. Sure there still lots of fresh ideas out there waiting to be harnessed. So are you blogging as a hobby or want to blog to earn money. You can blog on anything as long as you have the determination to continue on.


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What to do when You don’t know what to blog about

You’ve been blogging for quite some time now and you’re on your way to getting your millions, (or your first check from Google), but there comes a time when you don’t know what to blog/write about. Call it writer’s block, most of us has experienced it at one point and it can be very frustrating when that starts as the ideas/words seem to escape you.

Here are some thing to do that can help:

1. Do a search: Yes, make use of the search engines available to you. Do a Google, Yahoo, Bing (or whatever you prefer) search, also you can check the trending for the hot topics and hot searches for the day via Google Trends. And maybe while you’re at it, do a blog search and browse through a couple of blogs and scour the internet for blogs or other websites for bits of information.

You can check out  social bookmarking sites, for starters you can check Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, BuzzFeed, Delicious, Digg, FARK, and Slashdot. But I’m sure you have more than what I’ve listed here.

2. RSS feeds:  Check the RSS feeds that you’ve subscribe to. That should give you some ideas on your next blog post. See what other people are writing/blogging about.

3. Check Emails: Your Inbox holds some treasure that can be a start of a great idea or posts, emails from friends, family, co-workers are filled with interesting topics that can be integrated nicely to next hit post.

4. Read a book: Of course, reading and writing go hand in hand, you can study the book that you’re reading. Why is it interesting?, how did it hold your attention while you are reading it? You can learn a lot and gain more ideas while reading a book. So to be a good writer you also have to be a good reader.

5. Watch TV: May it be news, current events, movies this can relax your mind and thus enables you to get proper motivation to write.

6. Get out of the house and see the sights: I usually get stumped and don’t know what to do, so I get my keys and head out anywhere, where there are lots of things to do, people to see. This helps me clear my mind, and it may lead to a wild night with friends or a cool road trip!

7. Chill out!: Relax, take it easy, maybe the reason you’re having a hard time figuring out what to write about is because your burned out. Play a game, take a nap, with enough rest and relaxation that should clear your mind from the stress.


You can also :
List your ideas: make a list of ideas that pops in your head, I usually get ideas for my next blog post while I’m driving as it’s the time I have for myself, I have a recorder handy.
Take notes: take a small notebook with when you go out usually ideas come from unexpected places. A simple idea can lead to your next hit post so best be ready when that time comes.
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Facebook Comments


Encouraging readers to comment on your blog with this plugin. SEO Facebook Comment

As you can see here on Go Jaren!

Facebook Comment plugin on go jaren

And also on Let’s Go PLAY D3!

Facebook Comment plugin on Let's Go Play D3

As I get so much spam comments, even with Akismet activated. This may prevent anonymous commentor/spammers. To ask for my bank account details, or praise me for my great e-book (which I don’t do), heck even complimenting my great voice on the most informative podcast about shoe cleaning.

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