Get Kingdom Come Deliverance Free

Set the date and get ready you can get Kingdom Come Deliverance. Which is free starting Feb 14, 2020 and runs thru Feb 21 on the Epic Games store. First time I learned this game was from a YouTuber ESO and his gameplays. An awesome game, RPG at it’s truest form, no hand holding, no magic just your wits and your skills to survive in this world. This is isn’t your cookie cutter RPG but an almost a copy or a digitized version of a tabletop RPG at it’s current campaign. Fighting is very brutal, you need to be always on the move and ready dodge or parry. You can almost feel the roll of dice with every strike. Also be prepared to manage your health, as weapons and armor degrade so do food. The wilderness is wide and vast as expected of an open world RPG, but nights can be so dark and unforgiving. You really need to find shelter as night falls.

If you haven’t yet download the Epic Games Launcher and visit the store, there are a lot of free games weekly so be sure to check out your launcher.

Now I’m not in any way endorsing Epic Games or sponsored by them it’s just that the free weekly games seems to be to good to pass up. For a budget gamer dad like me, I take whatever free games are offered legitimately, of course.

I recently just got Carcassonne and Ticket To Ride free from the Epic Game Store, but haven’t got to playing them because I’m still playing The Bridge which was free last week.

Check out my The Bridge gameplay

Now back to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a game published by Warhorse Studios last 2018, based on reviews and gameplay from YouTube, this RPG can be brutal especially with combat. Set in Medieval Bohemia, play as Henry, the son of the local blacksmith. Be prepared to manage all the aspects of your character from hunger to dialog as well as your speech and lockpicking skill. This isn’t Skyrim and this isn’t a fantasy RPG with magic and orcs, but a RPG played how it’s suppose to be like a tabletop RPG.


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