A Quick Start guide on How to start a YouTube channel

So I recently remembered that I had a YouTube channel and forgot about it, so it got me thinking how do you start a YouTube channel?

I had mine set up since 2011, and I just recently posted some videos so it’s growing. First, is what do you really want to do. For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to post gameplay videos, been gaming on the PC ever since I was 10, playing games like Tetris, Test Drive in whopping 4 colors (CGA). Also, the ’90s brought classic gaming gems such as Civilization (1991), X-Com(UFO: Enemy Unknown 1994), Fallout (1997), Conquest of Camelot (1990), Doom (1993), Wolfenstein 3D (1991) and I could go on with the games I played as a kid but you get the picture. I mostly post gameplay videos without commentaries. Though in the future I would to plaster my face on my videos, so viewers can see my noob face and hear my whinings.Gamerdad_ YouTube Channel

What to Vlog about

It could be whatever floats your boat, for me I always wanted to game then earn money thru gaming. I wanted to go ahead and post my gameplay videos but I tend to disregard it.

  1. I felt that the games I play won’t get the views and likes and it would feel like a waste of time. An Easy Fix: I just did it, recorded it and posted it. I don’t care if the gameplay videos I post won’t garner much attention. I have faith that it will in the long run, just need patience and lots of it.
  2. The computer I’m using can’t handle the games I want to play or I’d get bad comments that my games are running on a potato etc. – Quick Fix: Save up the money, get a job, ask for a donation, etc and upgrade or buy a new computer.
  3. Recording videos is fine but I don’t know how to edit or I’m not good at it. – The Fix: Check my suggested software below also tutorials are everywhere on the net, try different software until you find a program you are comfortable with it.
  4. I don’t have the time – Easy fix: Make time or DO IT NOW, if you don’t do it now then when?
  5. Starting a YouTube channel is easy, the hardest part is sticking to it and posting what you like and being unique.

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Your Channel name

Your channel name is a reflection of you and what your channel will be in the future. Think long term, you wouldn’t want a channel name like Immaleetgamer, or IGAMEALLTHETIME. But later posting cooking videos or gardening videos. Pick a name closer to what you want to achieve. The more catchy and unique your channel name is the more likely your YouTube Channel will succeed in the long run.

Screen recording / Screen Capture

  • OBS studio – I only tried this once at first glance it seems complicated, I was thinking of an easy way to record my gameplay.
  • Loom – I mostly use this for work related stuff especially when I need to show a process or when there’s a bug on our platform that I need to show the devs. But you can also use this to record your gameplay. If your webcam and mic is on you can immediately add your face and commentaries to your gameplay.
  • Xbox GameDVR for Windows 10 – This is what I’ve been using on almost all my gameplay videos. It’s already included on Windows 10, no further setup required. Just hit Win key + Alt + R, to start recording. The drawback it stops recording when you Alt+Tab out of your game.

Video editing

Picture Editing

Bonus Tip: Thumbnail maker for Mobile Canva Playstore / AppStore I have this installed on both my phones but rarely use them.  As they say, “Its good to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it!

My wife also started her channel called Homebuddy Mum Vlog, She vlogs about her daily life, what she does in the morning (biking, Zumba, yoga), also DIY stuff and Activities for the kids, pretty soon she’ll post some cooking videos.  We really need to have a good setup on our kitchen such as lighting and camera placement, etc. But in the meantime, we make do with what we currently have.

For Vloggers,  You need to invest in these :

  • A camera that’s not expensive but can at least shoot in 1080p.  You can use your phone’s camera, Smartphones nowadays have nice cameras for the quick vlogging session. My wife uses her iPhone to do her vlogs. As well as a Targus -TG42TT with a DIY phone holder mount using Binder Clips and rubber band. But we’ll get a tripod mount, something like this KobraTech Cellphone Tripod Mount.
  • Gimbals – were definitely thinking of buying a gimbal with room for future expansion like an external mic, lighting, etc. So this will be an ideal tool for her to use from Fantaseal.
  • For future equipment upgrades, you may need an external mic, a frame but that’s for a different time and post.

If you have tips on how to better start a YouTube channel, please comment down below. Thanks.

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