Dark mode IOS13

I got so excited about dark mode that I updated my iPhone to IOS 13 immediately without waiting at least 2 weeks like what I usually do.

Now my iPhone overheats even with minimal to light usage. I thought at first it was because of the phone case I was using, which is a VALKYRIE iPhone 6s Flip Slim Wallet Case.

Here are a couple of things I did to prevent my iPhone from overheating again.

Reboot or Turn iPhone off

I did this multiple times even after I updated to IOS 13 before trying out all the features.

Closed all running apps/Uninstalling unused apps

Even if I didn’t update, I make sure to close all apps that I am not using. It’s a practice that started on my 486 computer (imagine 4MB ram and around 1GB of storage) I passed on to all my devices.

Uninstalling unused apps to conserve space and closing running apps which I’m not currently using, since smartphones today are faster and capable of handling multiple apps open and running in the background. It’s still unwise to keep apps running even on background, consuming RAM means that the phone is processing (even if it’s on standby mode or background it’s still uses your phone’s processing power) which in turn generates heat.

Other accessibility features

There are some accessibility feature that I like to have and some that are cool that they are there but in reality I don’t really have a use for it or gets annoying in time.

Auto-brightness this can be a pain specially at night where it would suddenly dim a light when dark to match the mood or when your outside and it’s sunny there screen compensates for the ambient light. I turned it off as I want to set it a comfortable level for my eyes.

Raise to wake this one scares the shit out of me most of the time specially at night. but it does consume battery so I also turned it off.

I also disabled all my widgets as I rarely use them and this one fix the overheating.

After applying all this changes I rebooted my phone one last time then charged it. It’s been day 3 since I applied my fixes and haven’t overheated since.

Oh and I noticed that battery life is now longer than previous IOS versions. From previous 3-4 battery life while gaming, I’m now experiencing 4-5 hours gaming, with light to moderate usage I can last a day without charging, NOT BAD! This fixes may or may not work for you, but before reset your phone try these steps.

If you have other fixes please leave a comment below.

Quick Update : Got an update a couple of days after updating to IOS 13, I got 13.1.1 my phone still overheats even after resetting my phone.

Update #2 10/2/2019: Just checked my phone and got update 13.1.2 hopefully this resolves the overheating issue.




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