Gears 5 : My first impression playing Gears 5

Since I have free time during the holidays, I started playing Gears 5 and all I can say is that it’s awesome. I remember playing Gears of War on my Xbox 360, that same feeling I had when playing Gears 5. Finally, questions will be answered like what happened to Anya Stroud and Kait Diaz’s true origin.

The graphics on this game are awesome, and it’s amazing how games today almost look realistic. When I started my playthrough for Gears 5 I couldn’t tell the difference between the movie cutscene and the actual game itself.

I don’t have the most powerful gaming PC, I have a GTX 1660 (non-TI) on an I7-8700 (non-K) even my monitor is a budget monitor and I usually play on 1920×1080 and it runs smoothly with the occasional stutters due to recording. (Recording with Nvidia Shadowplay) But I’ll be posting my gameplay recordings on my Youtube channel Gamerdad_

Controls are tight and for some who hadn’t played any GOW game in a while, it’s easy to immerse yourself back in the world. From what I can remember it plays much like the original, with some new features like the upgrade tree (for Jack). I rarely use Jack except for moments where they force you to use Jack’s skill. (Pulse or Stim). With a bigger landscape and a sort of open-world feel, expect a lot of hours spent on this game.

The story picks up from where Gears of War 4 ended, upon seeing the intro movie for Gears 5, I know I had to watch the GOW 4 cutscenes just so I know what’s going on with the story. In terms of combat, I never missed anything it’s still the same GOW that I come to love. With the addition of Jack, it adds a new gameplay mechanic to combat and exploration. So can ask Jack to fetch ammo or guns even open doors and asking to crawl to a hole to open a door on the other side.

I still haven’t finished the game, but I will definitely update this post once I do. Oh, I don’t plan on playing multiplayer. I just want to play the campaign.


Gears 5 Official Website

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