So how do you earn money thru gaming

Ever since I was a kid and started gaming on the PC, I always wondered what It’d be like to earn money just by playing your favorite games. I never really liked first-person shooters or MMOs, I just wanted to play games that I love. Though Outer Worlds was an exception,  I love the story, concept and was so amped up when I found out it was from Obsidian Entertainment the same guys that gave us Fallout: New Vegas (one of my favorite games). Also, The Outer Worlds Is A Spiritual Successor To Fallout: New Vegas.


Most sites I’ve read on the net suggest that Swagbucks as one way to earn money gaming. It may work as a way to make money online but I rarely get a chance to play a game and earn from Swagbucks.


Second Life

I have never really tried this game but from what I read and what my friends told me. You have to use real money to earn money. Now according to my friends it may take a lot of money to earn decently on this game. (Quite possibly because of the number of users also doing the same thing).

Playtesters / Game Testing

I live in the Philippines so game testing is out of the question, though there are sites that offer a decent pay to playtest games they would require you have tons of devices handy to be qualified also you can disclose or record the games you test. For example, if you have a smartphone, you have at least an iPhone and an Android phone, the same with a tablet running IOS and another running Android OS. Next is the consoles from owning a Playstation 4, and Xbox One, a Wii, and a Nintendo Switch. Basically, everything to be viable.

Considering investing a decent amount on a gaming console to be considered qualified. But you can try your luck on playtesting I am not sure if these companies offer Remote Playtesting (hopefully, yes) but you can try and tell me if they do.

Be a Pro Gamer

ESports has become very popular these past few years and steadily rising. I don’t follow the ESports scene, because most of the games they feature doesn’t interest me. Oh, how I would love to be a pro gamer if only being a bad a single-player game is a thing (then I’d be a PRO at it). So you seriously want to be a Pro Gamer, imagine the fame and fortune it brings, but be prepared to bring your “AAA” game (LOL). You can start by looking here How to Become a Pro Gamer and here What it Takes To Be A Pro Gamer.

Mobile Gaming

Competitions on Mobile Legends and other popular MoBAs can earn you prize money. Like the ESports scene, I don’t like MOBAs and mobile gaming in general. So I wouldn’t know what to expect from this. You can also count virtual trading as a game Spark Profit is a virtual trading app, that offers real money. Researching market trends may give you an edge on your way to be a top trader. You may also want to get supporters in Spark Profit as you get percentages of what they earn on your account.

Game streaming

Now this is what I chose and I am planning to do, I’m currently building my channel Gamerdad_ I picked YouTube because it’s where I’m most familiar with. Though there are many other games streaming sites like, Facebook Gaming, Xbox Game Streaming especially on the PS4, YouTube and Twitch are already accessible through the menu.

I opted for a Youtube Gaming channel because my channel is still at its infancy stage where I try to learn from my mistakes, I currently post gameplay videos without commentaries, but pretty soon I will. Once I save up for a good mic. I got inspired by watching theRadBrad for almost all gameplays, for the Fallout series mainly on lore Oxhorn and the Storyteller for Skyrim/Fallout 4 mods it’s JuiceHead, MxR Mods. For the immersion and the slooots, it’s gotta be MxR Mods. ESO for the awesome commentaries on Fallout 4, Skyrim and his obsession with Lydia and Kingdom Come Deliverance ( I tried playing KCD on my own but got bored immediately. It wasn’t the same as when ESO played the game.

Here are some of the playlist on my channel as well the games I’m currently playing, So you got the Outer Worlds, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy VIII remastered and Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Pretty soon, I’ll do another playthrough on Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and play Resident Evil 2 Remake. I would appreciate if you could subscribe to my site, like or dislike my videos and comment on my videos it helps me grow and learn from my mistakes.

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The Outer Worlds Playlist

Fallout 4 Playlist

Final Fantasy VIII Playlist

Star Wars: Battlefront II Playlist

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