Updated my iPhone to IOS13


Surprisingly, my phone feels more snappy than IOS 12. As was advertised on the Apple Site, Apps will launch faster than IOS 12 a big improvement. Curated photos look great plus it immediately plays live pictures and videos.

With all these updates Blah, blah, blah All I can see is Dark mode! IOS13 the dark mode update. HAHA! If you want a full list of the enchancements on IOS 13, read it here : IOS 13 Features

IOS 13 pre updateDark mode IOS13IOS 13 - Photos app IOS 13 Curated Photos

A bit late but still dark mode what’s cool is that you can dim your wallpaper depending on the ambient light. A nice touch! You can also automatically switch from light to dark mode, if you also have Night Shift set. I only want dark mode so I’m not setting that.

IOS 13 - Photos IOS 13 - Find My IOS 13 - Shortcuts IOS 13 - App Store in Dark mode


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