Why I use a MacBook Pro 13in Mid 2012

When I first got this MacBook it was beeping and won’t turn on. Holding the Power Button for 10 secs to powercycle the machine worked the first time but then just got stuck at the Apple logo. I proceed to troubleshoot the machine by first checking lights, keyboard, etc. The problem is the fan, I can’t hear it spinning. Opening the MacBook Pro I discovered a couple of things, the ram sticks came loose so I had to reseat it then proceeded to clean the fans. Once the insides are clean, I turned it on again. It booted nicely and soon I was able to log in and try to open an app to test but as soon I opened a program the machine died I figured the battery needs to be replaced. I also checked the adapter, it fringes on the wires near the MagSafe connector.

Here’s a video of me opening the MacBook Pro and upgrading the RAM and replacing the battery.


Since I got this MacBook Pro 13in mid 2012 practically free, I bought a battery replacement kit and a MagSafe Power Adapter also purchased 2 4GB sticks of Ram. Though I did a bit of research on the Apple Support site didn’t even update the page for the MacBook Pro 2012 (yeah, it’s already 2019 why would they). But other sites explained that it can handle up to 16 GB. Easy since I’m not planning on heavy lifting on this device a comfortable 8GB of Ram is a practical decision.

It still holds up against newer models today with the right upgrades. There are many articles and videos on how to open up this MacBook Pro. As a person who likes fixing computers/laptops, this is an awesome machine. I upgraded this machine to 8GB of Ram (2 4GB sticks) and added an SSD, will also be switching out the CD drive for another SSD, but in the meantime the CD drive is fine. For Nostalgia.

Macbook Pro 13in mid 2012 running macOS Catalina

MacBook Pro 13in mid 2012 running macOS Catalina


I recently updated the OS to macOS Catalina and so far I’m not complaining. Performance is smooth and does the job. I don’t game or encode videos on my MacBook but I do use it for work. I have multiple browsers and apps open so having 8 GB of Ram helped immensely since I have multiple browsers open with at least 15-20 tabs opened.  This is a fairly heavy laptop compared to the newer models but I really don’t mind, if I can feel it’s the weight on my back then that means I didn’t lose it (haha) and I know that I need to be careful setting down my bag.

In today’s standards, this would be a budget laptop but on the year it was released this machine is an entry-level premium performance machine.  MacBooks are pretty expensive for me, I have a tight budget so owning a MacBook Pro 13in mid 2012 is a win for me. I’m mostly a PC guy, but rather getting a netbook/Chromebook I opted for this. For a quarter of the price, I got a pretty powerful device to use when I’m on the go and for my daily driver, but if I would want to game and do more performance demanding tasks, I work on my desktop. If you really want to game on your MacBook Pro, you can also install Steam or run Bootcamp and install Windows 10.


Macbook Pro 13in mid 2012 running macOS Mojave

MacBook Pro 13in mid 2012 running macOS Mojave

Currently, this MacBook Pro has a 1366×768 display so I searched for an app (RDM -Retina Display Menu)  to set it to a comfortable 1680×1050 display, the 1440×900 didn’t do much in terms of screen real estate and the 1920×1080 was weird on a 13-inch display. Since it easily upgradeable and the parts are cheap no need for an OEM battery since you can easily replace it. The laptop ram is a bit pricey but worth the upgrade.

Storage upgrades

SSDs are cheap because of the NVMe SSDs but in terms of performance its still just a little boost when comparing SATA SSD to NVMe. I love the nostalgia of a DVD ROM drive so I’ll keep it for a while. Though I don’t have any CDs/DVDs to put on it anymore.


For anyone considering getting a MacBook. Get this model it can still run on par with the newer MacBooks and you pay a fraction for what you pay for a newer model. I guess its Apple’s fault they built a very sturdy machine this should last you a couple more years if used with care and as intended as your daily driver.

If you want to do some video editing on the go this can still handle those just don’t expect to render any 4k videos as it may take a while. The keyboard is still one the best keyboards I used on a laptop, typing is smooth and feels just right.

Though the trackpad is small compared to the newer laptops today but still is good. Though I rarely use it as I always have a mouse handy. As for battery life, current laptops have longer battery life but it’s still acceptable. As for the ports, since this is the age of the dongles you may have a slight advantage on carrying fewer dongles but you’re gonna miss out on the USB type-c.


If you want to upgrade your MacBook Pro 13in mid 2012. You can check out these parts.

  • Battery replacement kit (Comes with 3 point Y screwdrivers) – http://bit.ly/37svXrZ
  • 2X4GB DDR3L 1600MHZ Sodimm (You can go for the 2x8GB sticks but it’s much expensive so If you’re on a tight budget go for 8GB) – http://bit.ly/2ZMXmSX

You can opt for a vinyl skin or a case, though I prefer the skin. You can check these out.

Case – http://bit.ly/2TaA7R8

Skins – Laptop Skin Manila

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